Our Stock


We sell the best quality materials, and we sell them at spectacular prices. It is most definitely worth a visit!

Many customers really can’t believe how much stock we have on rolls in our warehouse. It’s difficult to judge fabric from a pattern book. That is why we hang our fabrics up, so that you can see how they really look as curtains.

The only way to really understand our stock is to come and see for yourself.

Please don’t be overwhelmed by our vast stock collection. Our staff can help you every step of the way, whether you require help searching or simply need directing to what you are looking for.

Curtain Fabrics

There is a full range of curtain fabrics from classical designs to contemporary designs, vibrant patterns to plains. All these fabrics can be used for curtains, cushions, roman blinds and much more.

Upholstery Fabrics

Heavier weight fabrics with a higher wear performance provide options for sofas, footstools, headboards and much more. 

Curtain Poles

A range of metal and wooden curtain poles can be purchased in-store. Our poles are sold in standard sizes and as a full set, including rings, finials and brackets. We also sell bespoke iron curtain poles made locally.

Dressmaking Fabrics

Our beautiful dressmaking fabrics include high quality wools, Donegal Tweeds, silks, cottons, and blends. Be sure to also look at our locally made silk linings.

Leather Hides

Full and half hides are available in a range of colours and textures. You can even search through our leather off cuts which are sold by weight.

Braids and Trim

Why not personalise your curtains and blinds with our amazing stock of cords, trims, tassels, beads, and braids.

Voile Fabrics

We have a small yet diverse range of voile fabrics for customers that want lightweight translucent curtains. 

Curtain Tapes

If you are making your own curtains we can also provide you with the required haberdashery such as curtain tape, threads, stiffeners etc…

Linings and Interlining

We pride ourselves on selling the best quality lining and interlining believing that beautiful fabrics deserve the best protection. 

Blind Mechanisms

Whether you have your roman blinds made by us, or not, we create bespoke, child friendly roman blind mechanisms. These can be made to order and collected on a two-four day turnaround.

Curtain Tracks

We sell a range of plastic and metal curtain tracks, corded or non-corded for either flat windows or those designed to bend for use in bay windows. These both come with face and top fix options.

Upholstery Gimp

Our stock of upholstery gimp includes an extensive range of colours to choose from. Upholstery gimp has a slight stretch that helps to create smooth curves. 


We have a range of gifts such as British made wool scarves and blankets. As well as wool shawls and silk hankies. Some are stacked away, please ask in store.


The small box of ribbons in our shop is only the start of our ribbon stock. If you are looking for anything in particular speak to one our staff who will check our warehouse collection. We have many options available.


You can find our tiebacks dotted around the warehouse in a variety of prices, styles, colours.