Our Team

3rd Generation 

This is Roger

Roger joined the team in 1962. 

If you are lucky, Roger can still be spotted having his morning coffee, checking we have opened up and are trading before carrying on with his retired day.

This is Joyce

Joyce joined the team in 1962. 

You will not often see Joyce in the shop these days, however she still enjoys collecting handmade glass, some of which can be bought in-store.

4th Generation 

This is Clare

Clare joined the team in 2000. 

After 23 years within the business, Clare is now pursuing new ventures and spending more time in her beautiful garden. She still may be spotted in the shop checking out any new stock from time to time.

This is “Big” James

James joined the team in 2005. 

James is regularly in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. James is our go-to for practical advice and is usually around to talk poles, tracks, and mechanisms. If you spot a quirky car in the car park, there is a good chance that it is James’.

5th Generation 

This is “Little” James

James joined the team in 2018. 

James is the latest of the family to join the business and is excited to keep our treasure trove alive for the years to come.  James is trying his hardest to not collect as many farm animals as we have rolls of fabric!

This is Daniel

Daniel joined the team in 2018. 

Daniel joined the team in 2018, however took a short break to continue his previous career in theatrical management. However we are lucky to have him back to whip our warehouses and shop into shape.

Our Extended Family

This is Audra

Audra joined the team in 2016

Audra is regularly in from Tuesday to Friday. The Queen of our shop display, Audra loves adding trims and accessories to projects.

This is Carey

Carey joined the team in 2021. 

Carey is regularly in on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Carey has been with one company since leaving school, however is now starting a new adventure joining the Shuffs family.

This is Mia

Mia joined the team in 2021. 

Mia is regularly in from Monday to Thursday. Mia loves to be creative and has made an exciting move to Macclesfield to join our team. When not in a creative mood Mia loves animals.

This is Jemma

Jemma joined the team in 2023. 

Jemma is regularly in on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. With over 7 years’ experience in the industry, she is ready on hand to help you with all of your projects.